AFRDS Keynote: Six Ways to be Remarkable

Last night at Show 2012, “The Visibility Coach” David Avrin shared three tips for building your business by building your brand: Be remarkable, have a clear plan, and be very, very visible! To stand out from the crowd, he offered six ideas to focus the customer’s attention on you vs. your competitors:


  1. Make a Sole Claim:  “We are the only….”
  2. Use Action Verbs: “We created, developed, pioneered…”
  3. Claim Supremacy: First, fastest, largest, oldest, softest…
  4. Promote 3rd Party Honors: Named “Entrepreneur-of-the-Year,” “Best-Places-to-Work,” “Top-Ten-Supplier”…
  5. List Media Appearances: “Perhaps you saw our full-page article in….
  6. Mention Key Clients: “When NASA was looking for a supplier…”  
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