Industry Snapshots

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*NEW* Excellent Support for Fundraising Salespeople
By Information & Technology Committee

Free Shipping Edges Out Sales Prices and Coupons
By Information & Technology Committee

The Fundraising Salesperson and Your PTO
By Tim Sullivan, Buyer's Guide, PTO Today

AFRDS Keynote: Six Ways to be Remarkable
By David Avrin, The Visibility Coach

Kids Use Creative Sales Pitches
By Information & Technology Committee

Two Words Moms Really Care About...
By Information & Technology Committee

New Blog on Marketing to Moms
By Paul Mahler, Time Direct Ventures

The Importance of Customer Service
By Renee Anderson, The Chip Shoppe

The Big Picture: Back to School Stats for the U.S.
By AFRDS Information & Technology Committee

How Many Fundraisers Should Your Group Run This Year?
By Tim Sullivan, PTO Today

Economic Slump Equals More Demand for Fundraisers
By Michael Perlman, Ideaology Partners

Case Studies: Fundraising in the Digital Age
By Chris Cote, The Smencil Company

Fundraising to Smartphones
By Paul Mahler, Time Direct Ventures

Converting Online Shoppers Into Buyers
By Paul Mahler, Time Direct Ventures

Survey: 7 Out of 10 Moms Plan to Support Fundraisers Next Year
By Paul Mahler, Time Direct Ventures

Three Keys to a Successful Fundraiser
By Tim Sullivan, PTO Today

Top Ten Rules for Effective Kickoffs
By Harry Van Epps, Bumblebee Marketing

What to Expect from the Chocolate Market in 2011
By Charlie Kesler, Supply Concepts and Mascot Pecans & Chocolate

Top Ten Rules for Successful Group Fundraising
By Jim Messina, Ashley Farms