Survey: 7 Out of 10 Moms Plan to Support Fundraisers Next Year

By Paul Mahler, Time Direct Ventures


The following data is from a survey of U.S. mothers with children in elementary school conducted in March 2011. 


·        79% of mothers report they are likely to buy products in future school fundraisers


·        67% plan to participate in the same number of fundraisers next year as they did this year – or more


·        The two primary reasons reported for planning to participate in more fundraisers next year are:


Ø Feel obligated to the child and/or school

Ø The belief that the school will be conducting more fundraisers next year


·        Of the 33% of respondents who report that they plan to participate in fewer fundraisers next year, the primary reasons are:


Ø Lack of perceived value for the products purchased

Ø Economic pressures limiting ability to support


Source:  Time Inc. Research & Insight Survey, March 2011